Tora to Ookami

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Tora to Ookami by Kamio Youko

Mii is a BL (Boys Love) fanatic who helps her grandmother run a family restaurant. Her monotonous life is turned around when two beautiful college boys come to eat! One is the kind Tora, and the other is the snotty Ookami, who refuses to eat the restaurant's food.

More than boy troubles, Mii needs to save the restaurant from corporate big-shots who want to renovate the area! And what role will the boys play in this?!

Volume 2          Chapter 6
Volume 2          Chapter 7


  1. yay! thank you for this! pls keep it up!

  2. Thank You so much for your work on this one! You are great and I really appreciate it. As one would expect i am a Kamio Youko fan =) although after reading HYD a dozen of times you can guess pretty much everything with her stories, it really lightens up my spirit to read her work. So thank you so much again! and please continue the good work :]

  3. Hello ^^ I was wondering if you guys have dropped this manga? It's really good, and it's been a long time since the last release, so if you have I'd like to scanlate it. Please let me know ^^

    1. We are currently on hiatus because we no longer have a translator for this manga. We do plan on continuing work on this project as soon as we find a replacement or a group with a translator willing to do a joint project on it. On that note, please let me know if you wish to do a joint with us for Tora! We can assist on any other aspects except translating.