Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello World!

Junai Tokkou Taichou - Volume 7 Chapter 1 Release

I wasn't planning on leaving blogspot's title for our first post, but it seemed so fitting that I simply couldn't resist! (aka perfect excuse after a tiring 3-day marathon)

Truly, "Hello, dear manga fans and please welcome us into the translation community!"

It took almost a decade for me to decide to join this side of the know, the one where I get to work my cougharsecough off for the good of mangakind and not just leech and moan that I don't get what I want and when I want it. And what a heck of a ride this has been so far...

Well, to make a long story short (well, short-er, 'cause there is no such thing as an actual short story in my vocabulary :D) we probably had the most "eventful" (this is the ladylike word for BEEPed) launch EVER! To mention some of the occurrences:

Our dear editor, Chelsy, has had such a hectic week at school that she needed help and we ended up being 3 editors for one chapter instead of the usual, efficient one.

Our poor translator, Sach, had to wake up at 3 am and type the remaining translation with her lights off (no need to let your parents and the entire neighborhood know you have a few loose screws...) and without actually seeing her keyboard...The cute little midget must have been so tired that she actually wrote "momento" instead of "memento"...:)) I had quite a laugh with that one while proofreading, I assure you.

Of course, our typesetter, Centex, just happened to catch a cold after only 10 pages...half a day before the actual release, might I add...But God gave me cool girls to jump in after me while the boat is sinking and I stubbornly hold onto the mast, yelling "NOOOOO!!!"

And with this occasion, I send special thanks to Mel-chan from Dark Murmur for splitting up the work with me and becoming our "part-time" typesetter! :D

And last, but not least...when all that was left were a few measly pages, that Amy had worked on when in need of a third typesetter, my msn messenger went berserk and shut itself down, hence I had lost the only offline message containing her uploaded link, hence I had to wait another day for her to wake up and resend it to me, hence the rushed release we had sacrificed so much for ended up being a belated one! :D

Ain't life grand?! :D

That being said and since we have won against all odds (I forgot to mention a total lack of inspiration when it came to creating our header hahaha) I think that Serendipity is most fitting for our group's name. It is (now that we have gone through a rough start and we're -hopefully- heading towards a smooth ride) probably most fitting of all. It represents not only our hopes for the future, but who we are - a happenstance for which people should be happy for! :)

Without further ado, here is the link to Junai Tokkou Taichou! volume 7 - chapter 1:

First release!

*Drops dead / Curtain falls!


  1. Hello to you! Welcome! And thank you for working so hard and persevering to be able to share this chapter despite some trials.
    You know, they say that if a wedding rehearsal has problems then the actual wedding will go smoothly. So perhaps the same is true for this type of situation too. The first release had some stumbling blocks so maybe it will be smooth sailing from here on out. I'll be cheering for you! Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for all your kind words! I am happy to see people already showing interest in our new group! Please excuse my belated reply, but I had a lot on my plate lately.
      I hope that your supposition turns into reality. I mean, I wouldn't want to go to a wedding that is more of a disaster than the rehearsal. :D
      So, pray for a successful "wedding" here at Serendipity! hahaha

  2. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! I know exactly what you're talking about when you say a string of bad luck. In the last week and a half, I've broken my ankle, fallen down stairs, caught one of the nastiest colds I've had in years, had my broken ankle knocked about and watched THE worst weekend of football ever. Believe me, I feel ya!
    My friend told me that the universe owes me something absolutely epic for all of this and I'd have to say, it owes you, too (at the very least, the gods of technology owe you a few favors).
    Thank you for persevering and getting the chapter out after all; I look forward to future releases. Good luck!

    1. OMO!!! :O
      My dear, you are by far the winner in the "smacked in the derriere by a cruel fate" contest! I concede defeat!
      I hope you get well soon and that you forgive the delay in replying and also in releasing the second chapter! I was abroad and with no internet access! Despair not! Junai 2 is going to
      come out in a day or two! Please follow us in the future too!:)

  3. Excellent work Alex and team. I'm loving the group name it's lovely. It was a pleasure helping you guys out on your first release. Like the person above said, I'm sure it will be nothing but smooth sailing from here on out. Good luck and Ganbatte ne~

  4. thank you for the release...
    i love this manga and thanks for continuing translating this manga...
    love you guys..
    keep the good work..
    i'm looking forward for the next chap...

  5. Thank you sooooooo much for pickingup jtt! have -literally- been waiting YEARS for it to be completed and you made me one step closer to that dream! GANBATTE & THANK YOU SO SO SOOOOO MUCH~!

    1. I know what you mean! I share your pain regarding many manga...I hope to remedy that with the help of my fellow group members! So, follow us closely! :)

  6. Waaah, thank you sooooo much for picking up JTT!! I looooove you all >:D< please don't pick anything else before finishing JTT cuz I can't stand waiting for another chapter TvT
    I'm loooking forward to chapter 2!~

    1. Hahaha I can't promise we won't be doing anything else, since I have translators who know different languages than the one Junai's raws are written in, BUT I can promise you that we will do our very best to finish this manga! :)

  7. Hi,
    I just wanted to say thank you for picking up JTT. I truly appreciate it. I'm not handy with computers (in fact I'm pretty technologically challenged) and I have a small child so I can't really volunteer to help. However, I am gifted at being able to pick up languages. Unfortunately, none of the 3/5 languages/dialects I know include Japanese. This is why, after being a leech for the past three years, I have finally decided to undertake serious study of Japanese first, then Korean and then Chinese. Hopefully, I will be able to begin each language within the next three years and build up from there. Please wish me luck. Perhaps one day I will be able to actually be of assistance to the community. Thanks again. You inspire me.