Friday, June 13, 2014

More goodies!

I never thought I'd get to say this the way things were going the past few months, BUT ..........*drum roll* ...........we are launching a new project!!! :D

Yes, I know Tora is incomplete and it is against my policy to leave mangas incomplete (after all this is why I've founded the group, to finish undone projects) yet it is still on stand-by until we find a willing translator for it.

Without further delay, I give you our first release of Tenkuu Seiryuu:
Innocent Dragon v4 ch9 

I hope this pleases you as much as it does me since I've always wanted to see this project translated to the very end! :D


P.S.: Special thanks to our new translator Joseph and typesetter Hound! We thank you for making this release possible! :)

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