Sunday, October 28, 2012

Junai Tokkou Taichou!

Junai Tokkou Taichou - Volume 7 Chapter 4 Release

Hey, guys! Amy, again.

Sorry for the late release, but it's been a complicated past week for the Junai team!

Junai Tokkou Taichou! Volume 7 Chapter 4 is out~

There might be a few errors with the names of some side-characters...sorry about that! But, if it's a really big issue, we'll get it fixed as soon as we can.

So...while I wait for it to upload and link it to this post, I'm just going to rant. You don't need to read it, but if you're bored or something, go for it. hehe (:

I'm beginning to get a sore back from all this scanlating. But whatever, you know, I'll deal with it. Hahaha, unless you know, there's someone out there, or a group of people, that is willing to join our staff and help speed things up. Whoo! Because really, it's just the translators, two cleaners, & Alex and I working on these two projects. Well, Alex is experiencing technical difficulties, so that means we're even more under-staffed. LOL the sad sad life of a new scanlation group.
But on the bright side, it's only 12:20 am and I'm still full from eating Korean BBQ a few hours ago. Plus, my mama picked up my new glasses, so no more contacts! At least during the windy eyes burned for three days. Can't wait to pass out on my bed and wake up in the afternoon, lol.
Okay, uploading complete! Yay for small files!
Enjoy the new chapter, folks! Just know that there was a lot of pain and tears involved to get this chapter released. XD


  1. yay thanks so much for another release guys!
    I'd love to help cleaning/editing but I'm still in a learning phase so I'm not sure if I can be of help. Good luck and keep up the good work, though! you guys are awesome. (:

    1. Well, you are welcome to join at any time, even as a newbie editor, so think about it! ;)

  2. THANKS so much for the chapter!!! You guys are the best!!! I look forward to every chapter of JTT that comes out. I read it and ranted at my computer for a hour about it!! Have a great day and week!!!!

    1. Thank you! :D
      We are all very happy to hear that our releases spur such interest...hahaha
      I would love to follow your rants, if you post on a blog or something. hehehe

  3. thank you so much for a release !!!!! i can't wait for what happens next alsldfghjkl o A o

    1. Hahaha Glad to see such an enthusiastic reader! We will be releasing the next chapter soon, so be on the lookout! ;)

  4. when will be vol 7 chap 5 gonna release?? seriously cannot wait.. im very excited u know.. this comic was awesome!! aww~

  5. Hi!! I can help out if you have any trouble with character names and Japanese nuances. :) I have the entire set in Japanese + the 4 Maji ones. ^_^

    Junai Tokko Taicho is one of my favourite comedy shojo ever and I was even contemplating scanlating it myself after the long scanlation drought it had. I'm glad you guys picked it up though! :D